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Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Black
Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Black
Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Black
Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Black

Kitty Holster Cat Harness, Black

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As seen on CBS Sunday Morning, and featured in The New York Times!

The award-winning, made-in-the-USA Kitty Holster® cat harness, the difficult-to-escape-from harness used and recommended by Jackson Galaxy on Animal Planet’s “My Cat from Hell,” includes a free training pamphlet to educate your customer and minimize the chance of their pet escaping, and provides them with a well-made harness that keeps their cat safe and sound at a reasonable price.

Customers RAVE about the Kitty Holster cat harness. Cats who hate wearing harnesses love the Kitty Holster!

Compared to other cat harnesses, the unique, patented Kitty Holster is ultra-lightweight and easier for cats to wear; is made of 100% breathable cotton to keep cats comfortable; has an undyed cotton lining to inhibit irritation to cats who may have delicate skin or skin allergies; is easier for customers (and less stressful to their cats) to put on and take off of their cat; has no nylon, thin straps or plastic clips that can cause uncomfortable pressure points and abrasion; no harsh webbing; comes in a variety of attractive patterns and colors; is durable and machine washable.

The Kitty Holster is a soft, secure and super-comfortable 100% cotton cat harness with a metal D-ring for attaching a leash. Our strong, ultra-lightweight harness secures with wide velcro closures to provide a much better fit harnesses that close with snaps or straps.

Color: available in Black only

Sizing Info:

XS: Chest Girth of 10–14" and Neck 5–9"
S/M: Chest Girth of 13–17" and Neck 9–12"
M/L: Chest Girth of 16–20" and Neck 10–13"
XL:  Chest Girth of 19–23" and Neck 11–15"

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Safe way to explore the Great Outdoors

Really love the design of the holster and the instructions were thorough and spot-on. The S/M sized harness was too roomy for our 12-week kitty so I took it in along the spine with a running basting stitch that we could remove when she gets bigger.

The two velcro stays are very effective and easy to get on. However, when our cat is being released, she panics at the sound of it ripping apart. She never waits for the second velcro, but slips though the harness, Houdini-style, to freedom.

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Use on daily basis

Best Harness for 3 legged cat

I found out about this harness on a site called tripawds. My Simon had to have his front leg amputated after I rescued him from the mean streets. This harness is lightweight and the only one I could possibly see working for a three legged cat since there aren't holes to thread the legs through. It snuggly fits around his body using velcro. As soon as he's ready to walk around with it on it's gonna be great haha!

Safe and Secure

This is the second holster/harness that I have purchased and can't imagine switching to another. I only had to purchase a second because my NFC grew so quickly from 4.5lbs at 4 months to 12.4 at almost 11 months. Still not a year old so there may be a third in the future... Most important factor to me was security and I wanted him to be comfortable and feel secure. He seemed to feel both from the first time I put one on him at 4 months of age. There wasn't any resistance and he learned to walk in it fairly quickly. The velcro is very strong and a bit loud when pulling apart so I can imagine it would be starling to some cats. .Acclimation should help with that. Galveston is a very chill cat and little bothers him. Our only suggestion is that it be available in more colors than just black. G-man said he'd rather run free but if he has to be in a harness- this is the One! Thank you!

Velcro scares cats

The harness is great, but the sound of the Velcro scares my cats. I have taken the Velcro off and will rework how secure it on.