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Graceful Aging

Graceful Aging

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As people age, they can become stuck in their ways, and many people become impatient or downright grumpy. This solution helps animals adapt to age-associated limitations with grace and dignity while keeping our senior companions in optimal wellness.

This product is formulated for all animals.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions are the first and only line of flower essence blends created specifically for animals by a holistic veterinarian and animal behaviorist. These solutions have been helping to improve pet health and well-being for over 20 years.

  • All-natural formula that helps to bring your pet's body back into balance
  • Apply 3-4 times a day for best results
  • 2 oz bottle
  • FAQs
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Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Spray Directions
Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Drops Directions

Special Note:  Jackson Galaxy Solutions work best when part of a more holistic program, that may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities. Consult your veterinarian before adding any new product to your pets care regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: This solution contains Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (as a preservative), Essence of Lotus, Lakshmi, Full Color Spectrum, Reiki Energy, and the following essences: Ageratum Leilani Blue, Chamomile, Crab Apple, Devils Bit Scabiosa, Dog Rose, Douglas Fir, Foxglove, Lefthand Creek, Lodgepole Pine, Mustard, Noni, Rock Water, Salmonberry, Staghorn Algae, Teakwood Flower, Wild Rose, Windflower, Zinnia.

Customer Reviews

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Always satisfied with this product.

I have an older cat with a few health issues. Graceful Aging helps her with the pain and stiffness from arthritis. I will always buy this product to help Bella.

I would highly recommend Creek Away!!

I purchased Creek Away for a 4 1/2 yr old feral I caught in my garage. I took him to my vet to be fixed and found out he was hit by a vehicle previously. I was told he was no longer a candidate for surgery. I felt so bad watching him suffer with every step he took and dragging his hind legs around. I was desparate for something to help rehab him, so I tried this and it worked! I give it to him everyday and he now can run, walk, jump with ease and looks forward to getting his daily dose. He's my precious miracal kitty and what a lover he turned out to be. I personally recommend "Feral Flower, Peacemaker, Safe Space and Creek Away! These solutions really work and I am forever Greatful they were designed to help our furry friends. Honestly I really know these work because I've taken in 11 ferals with the help of these solutions and all the kitties turned out to be the most greatful loving kitties anyone could ever want. Never Give Up On Ferals, they Love you right back, if Love, Play and Patience is applied. Mew, mew that's Poppy in the pic! How fortunate am I.

Product seems to work

I have been using this for about a week for my 13 year old dog. The past two nights he has been playing with toys, something he hasn't done in awhile. Look forward to seeing how this makes him feel in the next couple of weeks!

old manx

also for Bobbie 13 year old manx

Definitely buy again

Another amazing product!! I use this as well as others. Definitely has been helping my Buddy who is 15 going on 16 years. I have a total 7 solutions and find them extremely helpful. Thank you Jackson