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5 Tips for Your Foster Cat

Americans are turning out in amazing numbers to step up and foster during this time of crisis for shelter animals. THANK YOU! So, you brought a cat into your what?


How To Tell the Difference Between Cats Playing and Fighting

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when your cats (especially kittens!) are playing with each other and when it’s a knock-down drag-out fight! In this video, I’ll take you through some tell-tail signs – when should you let them go at it, and when is it time to be the referee and break your cats up?


How Often Should I Bathe my Cat?

Since it’s pretty well-established that dogs need to be bathed regularly, it is usually presumed that cats do, as well. But the truth is, there is simply no reason to bathe your cat.

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Should You Leash Walk Your Cat?

The short answer is, yes—I’m all for leash-walking your cat, presuming that we have a thumbs-up from the most important family member: the cat actually wants to go for a walk!

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Jackson Galaxy Solutions & Holistic Wellness for your Animal Family

One of the things we forget about  cats, and animals in general, is that they are energetic sponges – they absorb all of the energy that humans put out in their homes. 

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COVID-19 & Cats – Keeping You and Your Animal Companions Safe

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold, developments break that can be confusing – and sometimes unsettling.

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