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PetSafe SSSCat Spray Deterrent

PetSafe SSSCat Spray Deterrent

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The motion-activated spray safely and automatically keeps pets away from rooms, furniture, and areas in your home. Set it on the counter to keep your cat from jumping up, or place it in the doorway to the living room to keep your dog out of the room and off the couch. It's easy to train your dog or cat to stay out of certain areas. 

When your pet comes near the Ssscat, he'll feel a quick burst of harmless but startling spray. The spray reminds your pet to stay away. The adjustable spray nozzle can detect and deter pets from up to 3 feet away.

Tips: For replacement air canisters, check out the Spray Deterrent Refill


  • About 120 sprays per can
  • Uses 4 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Motion-detector unit sprays automatically
  • Detects pets up to 3 feet away

Special Notes: 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty with Radio Systems 866-738-4379 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
I will definitely keep this stuff !

I use this mainly to keep my younger cat from counter surfing. Works great, also works on my dogs .

This worked great

Had a problem with feral cats in my apartment complex. They would get on my patio and torment my indoor cat. This product helped me keep them off the patio and my cat a lot happier!

Much better than the water spray bottle!

I have an aversion to cats on my kitchen counters. I set this up and several days later, in the middle of the night, I heard "spray" - "thump (feet on the floor). I heard this about two more times and never saw the cat on the counter again. The one drawback is that you have to be careful how the sensor and spray nozzle are set. I find myself setting it off as I walk through the kitchen and it does startle. So, recommend getting a spare replacement can.

Great Present

I bought this for my boyfriend's family after his mother complained about the litter of kittens they were fostering climbing on the counter tops. I don't know if they've tried it out yet but they seemed really excited!


My new cat arrives tomorrow so not sure but it certainly startled me and I was expecting it.