Consultations with the Cat Daddy: Building Cat Mojo


After almost 10 years of dedicating my consulting work to my Animal Planet series My Cat From Hell, I am thrilled to re-open my practice to the public!

 As you may know, I have worked with cats for over 25 years in many contexts –  from animal shelters to homes like yours. Historically, I confined my practice to in-home consulting because much of my work revolves around getting to know your cat personally and your family as a whole. 

Given our current situation, the need for social distancing, and the advent of technology, all consultations are offered remotely.

I can offer solutions to many issues you may face in your home with your cat along with insights into your feline family members and what you can do to make everyone’s lives better including:

Behavioral Tips

Building Confidence & Cat Mojo

Overall Wellness Advice

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