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Ultimate Bunny Kicker
Ultimate Bunny Kicker

Ultimate Bunny Kicker

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Catify your home and satisfy your cat's natural hunting instinct at the same time with the Jackson Galaxy® Ultimate Bunny Kicker! Unlike any other cat toys you've seen before, the Ultimate Bunny Kicker kicks back as your cat kicks giving your cat the instinctual sensation of actually catching prey. Kick and kick and this flexible kicker springs back to keep the action going. Made from durable mixed materials and stuffed with Jackson Galaxy Organic Catnip, the Ultimate Bunny Kicker provides endless amounts of fun and gives cats more satisfaction during play.

Customer Reviews

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bunny kicker

our 5 month old kitten has loved it

They LOVE this

Our cats all love this toy. First of all, I didn't realize it had catnip in it, so they completely freaked out (in a good way) about the box & packaging! That was a BIG hit! Then they started playing with the Bunny Kicker! Each of them play with it & then we also find them propped up with it under their chin & sleeping on it! :) Just a multi-use toy for us!

Never seen a cat love a toy this much

I bought this on a whim a year ago - one of our cats loves to bunny kick but the tiny toys we had just didn't work. (Except for maybe giving us a laugh). I only halfway expected that he would find interest in this as my experience with most cat toys is that the cats would rather just have the crinkled receipt to play with... but this cat took to the Kicker immediately! He rolls around with it, kicks it, and sometimes just rests his head on it like a pillow. Plays with it numerous times a day, both with us interactively and on his own. He loves it so much. Probably the first cat toy in all my years of having cats that gets used regularly for its intended purpose!

Good but my cat chewed it open

They liked it but my cat chewed it open after 1 day. I sewed it and it's fine.

Thumbs up

Loved it