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Twisted Kicker - Denim
Twisted Kicker - Denim

Twisted Kicker - Denim

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The mixed Twisted Kicker encourages cats to engage their natural hunting and stalking instincts. Super stuffed, to withstand the toughest kicks your cat can give it!


  • Denim with a sisal center band
  • Made with extra stuffing to satisfy the rowdiest of cats
  • Enhanced with Organic Catnip grown in the U.S.A.
  • 11" L x 6.5" circumference (27.9 x 16.5 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Good toy but need to modify for cat with pica

This toy encourages my Siamese mix who had appetite issues (IBD & Medications) and pica to eat. She chews on the toy, eats food, back to toy, etc. However, she focuses on the middle burlap section and pulls the burlap weave out. My solution because the toy is so successful for her care is to cover the burlap section with a heavy duty denim tube designed to be a tight fit and sewn in place. Fortunately, I sew and quilt so that covering the burlap section with the denim tube is not difficult for me. When the tube holes through, I can replace it easily. She smells the burlap because she focuses her biting on that section. As a note, the toy is out only when I can watch her and is put away at night and when I am out of the house.

My Maine Coon loves this! He's on his second one now...

My one-year old has a tendency to want to bite. He's improving, but when he gets into a mood, I give him this toy and he goes to town with it.

No interest

Boots was rubbing his face on it when I gave it to him. After that neither of my 2 cats play with it at all. I was so disappointed. Boots is going to be 18 in August and maybe just shows no interest but Smokey is only 13 and she'd rather play in her tissue paper or with her "little pink thing" (rubber ink stamp). ; - )

I would buy the refillable cat nip version

My cat was in the box before I could open it. As soon as the box opened, there she was finding the source of the cat nip smell. She found the kicker, kicked, bit it, rolled with it. Now it is territorially hers. I have to buy another one for my other cat who feels left out.

I am buying more for sure

I have a cat that's never really cared about toys. But this toy I saw him playing like Ive never seen before. He even took it nicely from one of the other cats to play with it. He's like the grandpa of the cats here. So his taking it did cause any problems. I was amazed to see him play like he did. I will be ordering more. Thanks Jackson