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Galaxy Spiral
Galaxy Spiral
Galaxy Spiral
Galaxy Spiral
Galaxy Spiral

Galaxy Spiral

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The Galaxy Spiral caters to a cat's fascination with hide and seek hunting games! Capture their imagination with the motion activated LED ball as they follow the bright light and swat it around the track. The corrugated scratch pad on top also acts as a "scent soaker" to help build territorial confidence in your cat.


  • (1) play-activated LED light ball included 
  • (1) corrugated Scratch Pad included - replacements sold here
  • Rubber feet keep toy in place for lasting play
  • Available in Green, Orange, Blue, and Purple
  • Melamine, cardboard, rubber
  • Designed exclusively for Jackson Galaxy
  • Approximately 15" diameter x 3" D (41 x 7.6 cm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Amazing independent play toy - keeps them busy! Duel purpose - scratch & play

My cat loves this wheel and plays with it on his own all the time. Sometimes I hide it to make him miss it, and I think he gets excited again when I bring it out. He loves playing with the ball AND sitting in the middle while he plays AND scratching the middle part. This is the perfect toy if you have to leave your cats alone, gives them something fun to do without you to keep them engaged when you're gone -- which is so important!

My cat love this !!

I my cat loves the galaxy spiral. At times I here her playing with it at night. The only thing she still likes to scratch at my box spring in my bed in the early morning.

Very Disappointing

My cats like to play with it, but the ball comes out easily and the unit comes apart at the slightest nudge. I have to replace the ball and put the thing back together several times a day. When I received the toy, the ball wouldn't light up. Petmate sent me replacement balls, which was nice, but the unit is just junk.

Fantastic Toy! My cat loves it

I have one cat and I'm a single gal, so making sure my cat is entertained when I'm away Is a constant challenge. I ordered this product (along with the kicker) took them out of the box, and my cat started playing with them both IMMEDIATELY. She plays with it for a while (about 20 mintues), the longest I've seen her play with any toy I've gotten her. It really seems to capture her interest and KEEP her interest. It's a challenge for her, I can tell she is trying to figure out why the ball is doing whatever it's doing, why it's lighting up. Really amazing product, I hear her playing with it when I'm not around. Great product!!

My Cat's Favorite New Toy!

I barely got this out of its box when my cat jumped on it. She started scratching at the scratch pad but went bonkers for the LED ball. I've only had 10-year-old Bunny for 5 weeks and it's been a bit of a struggle to find something she likes. She took to this right away. I ended up putting it in another room and as I sit here in my office typing this I can hear her playing with it. It's an absolute hit!!