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Healthy Helper

Healthy Helper

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This solution set was designed to help support an animal's well-being during extreme physical circumstances such as illness, surgery, hospitalization and chemotherapy.

This product is formulated for all animals.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions are the first and only line of flower essence blends created specifically for animals by a holistic veterinarian and animal behaviorist. These solutions have been helping to improve pet health and well-being for over 20 years.

  • All-natural formula that helps bring your pet's body back into balance
  • Apply 3-4 times a day for best results
  • 2 oz bottle
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Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Spray Directions
Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Drops Directions

Special Note: Jackson Galaxy Solutions work best when part of a more holistic program, that may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities. Consult your veterinarian before adding any new product to your pets care regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients:This solution contains Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (as a preservative), Essence of Lotus, Lakshmi, Full Color Spectrum, Reiki Energy, and the following essences: Chia, Christmas Bush, Crab Apple, Dandelion, Dolphin, Environmental Solution, Feverfew, Kidney Vetch, Noni, Olive, Pineapple, Red Mangrove, Rhubarb, Salmonberry, Sea Lettuce, Sedona Storm, Self-Heal.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
I will buy it again for sure.

I put a few drops on to my hand, spread it over my fingers and give my cat a good rub all over. In the past few weeks of applying 3-4 times daily, I've noticed improvement in my cat's movement and seems to be responding better to positive treatment.


I have an FIV+ kitty and I was using daily on him and he was doing great. Then I ran out and kept forgetting to buy more and was a BAD guardian. Well, he then just recently caught a springtime cold and I was pretty scared. Immediately bought another bottle of Healthy Helper and started putting it on him three to four times a day. Being he was FIV+ I did take to vet, as I think everyone should go to a vet as well, and he had to be put on an antibiotic for his lungs, but I think this product helped him to get through this nasty bug. I've also been putting it on my other cats and it seems to have boosted up their immunity so they are not catching the cold or if they do not getting it as bad and it goes away a lot faster! Thank you Jackson for your great products!

It sure helped and fast!

When my cat got some sort of cold right after a visit to the vet, I was worried and could not after another hefty bill. It lasted days and O did not know what to do. I got this hopeful it would help and it did not disappoint! I placed the drops on her back, as recommended and I noticed an improvement on the symptoms the next day. When the other cat got sick 24 hours later, I did it right away and her symptoms lasted for a shorter time than the first one. Whatever is in it helped my girls and I am grateful! Thank you ,Jackson our cat hero!

Healthy Helper

My 2 kittens had the rhino virus. For almost 3 months, one of them just wouldn't stop sneezing. He was given antibiotics for the bacterial infection and l-lysine to build his immune system. He would be good for a couple of days and start all over again. My vet bills was getting higher and higher. I took the chance and ordered Healthy Helper. Within 2-3 days, no more sneezing. It's been 3 weeks now and he is doing great. I HIGHLY recommend this product !!

It works

I always have this product on hand, I've been using Healthy Helper for about 2 years now, sneezing, runny eyes and nose this remedy works within 2-3 days. Once one cat starts sneezing I start giving him or her the drops and also in the water bowls for the others. My oldest cat will just lick the drops right out of my hand, this stuff is amazing I highly recommend it especially multi- cat households where viruses spread quickly.