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This solution helps animals who lack self-confidence or are overly submissive by helping the victim stand up for themselves and stop tolerating the unwanted behavior.

This product is formulated for all animals.

Jackson Galaxy Solutions are the first and only line of flower essence blends created specifically for animals by a holistic veterinarian and animal behaviorist. These solutions have been helping to improve pet health and well-being for over 20 years.

  • All-natural formula that helps to bring your pet's body back into balance
  • Apply 3-4 times a day for best results
  • 2 oz bottle
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Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Spray Directions
Jackson Galaxy Solutions - Drops Directions

Special Note: Jackson Galaxy Solutions work best when part of a more holistic program, that may include proper veterinary care, diet, behavior modification, and other holistic modalities. Consult your veterinarian before adding any new product to your pets care regimen. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Ingredients: This solution contains Natural Spring Water, Alcohol (as a preservative), Essence of Lotus, Lakshmi, Full Color Spectrum, Reiki Energy, and the following essences: Alpine Forget-Me-Not, Bachelors Buttons, Bird of Paradise, Borage, Broccoli, Centaury, Cerato, Chamomile, Dill, Oak, Orange Flowers, Rock Rose, Round-headed Leek, Skyrocket Gilia, Spring Sandwort, Stonecrop, Teewinot, Urchin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

I have a cat that I found when she was 6 wks old. As a kitten she was fine with people but now that she's older she very scared of anyone but me. I've been giving her Feral Flower and it's helped a lot but the SELF ESTEEM along with the Feral Flower is amazing. She still will have nothing to do with my husband but was sitting under the coffee table last night less than 4 feet from him and didn't move when he talked to her. As soon as he left the room she started playing with her toys like she was a kitten. She hasn't done that in forever. I see a much more confident cat today than I had 3 weeks ago.

It works!

This is second purchase of this. Changed older female cat's "leave me alone" attitude to a "pet me, play with me" sweetie.

Self Esteem

Not working but then, none of the items have worked with my two warring cats. I've tried the tri package -- Bully, Peacemaker, and Self Esteem but they have absolutely no effect.

A Wonderful Product to Raise Your Cat's Confidence!

Without Self-Esteem drops in her food, our older cat shies away from protecting her "territory" from our younger, rambunctious cat. When we give Self-Esteem to her, she's vigilant about her territory and stands up for herself. It allows for a much healthier relationship between our two cats, who are both important members of our family.

My cat finally stood up for herself!

I got this along wiht the bully solution for my other cat. The solution does work well. It seems to have made her stand up to the other cat. With the bully solution working so well on the other cat I have not needed to use this much on my little cat. She isn't sneaking around the edges of the room now and turned around and stood up for herself which along with the bully solution on the other cat seems to have changed the dynamics. Peace at last.